Hi!   (This page is being reworked.)

Except for this page there is no English content on this site, so we’ll give you a little introduction right here as to what this is all about.

This is the official website of ‚das dental labor‘, the leading monthly German language publication for dental technology. Here are some ideas of what you could do here:

– You can subscribe to the printed magazine as well as to the PDF-Version by filling out the forms. You can also contact us, and we’ll get back to you.

– You can place an ad in the magazine or on the website. Again, please contact us in case.

– If you give courses or conduct trainings, and you want to find German participants, you can enter your courses into our event calendar.

– Are you looking for a German lab? Here are more than 6000 of them!

– We have a collection of English articles as E-Books in Amazon’s Kindle shop. Details are here. Many more if you go to Amazon and look for “dental labor kindle”

– Do you want to hire? We have a nice job market in the magazine and on the website. Just contact us for details.

Here’s a list of companies in our field.

Something else? Please just contact us!


I want to subscribe to the PDF-version of ‚das dental labor‘

The German answer is here, as well as the order form.
It says:

– The subscription price for 12 issues per year is 109 Euros (Students: 41 Euros).

– If you are a subscriber of the printed version and want to have the PDF-Version in addition, the cost is 27 Euros (Students: 14 Euros)

If you are a student, please upload some document that shows your student status. Thanks!

Here’s a free download of one issue.

If you have a subscription of the printed version and want to swap that for the PDF-version, the way to do that right now (we may make that easier in future) is to unsubscribe of the printed version and after that subscribe to the PDF-version.